A workforce for the future

Changing times needs a different approach

Traditional apprenticeships have offered ‘on-the-job’ training but have perhaps fallen short on the academic side, while the academic route to work has often been too far removed from the realities of work and business.

Now, with forthcoming new legislation governing apprenticeships and their funding, all this is about to change. That’s why the West Nottinghamshire College Group has developed Vision Business, in order to offer potential employers tailored learning that will give their apprentices the best of both worlds and ultimately add value to their business.

In order to focus our offer to business, we’re recruiting specialists who can impart their working knowledge in six specific industry sectors: healthcare, hospitality, retail, adult health and social care, hair and beauty and construction and engineering. This team is backed by the resources of a £50m grade 2 college, part of West Nottinghamshire Group, which is nationally renowned for training linked to organisational development and with outcomes in the top 10% of all national providers.

Vision Business will be breaking new ground in the way it operates. As a provider of tailored solutions to employers the first thing we need to do is listen to to your needs and objectives and then plan, with you, an apprentice learning solution that will deliver exactly what you, the employer needs from your employees.

Investing in our future

Scott Marsh tells us why he brought apprenticeships into his company, Respectful Care.

The apprenticeship Levy

Is your business ready?

From 6 April 2017 large employers (with over £3m payroll) from both the private and public sectors will be expected to pay an apprenticeship levy. The levy is designed to guarantee the funding back once they have secured appropriate apprenticeship training through a registered provider (such as Vision Business). The system for administering and accessing funding will be through a digital voucher system.

In addition to the levy, public sector employers will be set a target to have 2.3% of their workforce as apprentices.

Employers can also voluntarily commit to ‘the 5% club’ whereby you would undertake to employ 5% of their workforce as apprentices.

Opportunities the apprenticeship levy will provide

Lee Radford discusses the opportunities the apprenticeship levy will provide for the training and development of the NHS workforce.